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Pukeko Dancing On The Old Dirt Track

Christmas is coming and two busy Pukeko build a nest and tend to their precious eggs. Meanwhile the Sanderson kids wrap presents and decorate the tree with angels and shells, unaware that a miracle is unfolding in their backyard...

Wotherspoon’s superb hand drawn illustrations, full of detail, colour and humour, capture the festive season in New Zealand and our joy at the arrival of summer: young children playing with buckets of water, Dad cutting down a pine for the Christmas tree, a family picnic in the sunshine.

The lyrical rhyming text with its sing-song rhythm is perfect for young children. The repeated refrain on each page encourages young listeners to join in with the storytelling: ‘FLIP FLAP, YIKIDDY YAK! There’s a pukeko dancing on the old dirt track’.