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May 02, 2019 2 min read

WOW! Here we are, first week into the school term! I don't know about you but the year is flying buy. How were your holidays?  We managed to get a wee escape in and went camping in Gisborne for the Easter break. What a beautiful place to is. The most tiring part was 3 kids fighting in the way home for the best part of 7 hours - nothing quite like screaming, in the back seat to quickly decide to never drive long distances again - until next time of course!


I've been managing to squeeze in a book or two lately which has been a unusual for me I don't what s going on the book reading stars must have aligned:) Anyway one in particular called Called Zero Waste - simple life hacks . I thought it was great and had some really useful ways to reduce your family's rubbish. I'm really interested in exploring ways to reduce my family's eco footprint, so up coming blogs from me that you receive, will most likely have some ideas that you might want to try in your household as well. I have my little boy - Wolfie's 3rd birthday later in the month. Which is great opportunity for me to look at ways to have a fun, eco friendly and wallet friendly party. Stay tuned!


This week, something new I have tried is, making my own deodorant. Both Mark and I have been wearing it for 4 days and believe it or not, it works! If you are keen to give it a whirl the recipe is below. Have a great week everyone.








1-2 Teaspoons Baking Soda

1/2 cup cooled boiled water

Spray Bottle

8-10 drops of lime, lemon or sage essential oil (less effective without it)

2 drops of tea tree oil


Dissolve soda into water, transfer to spray bottle and the add oils. Shake well.



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